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Are you searching for an eco-friendly way to add style and value to your London property? Aluminium windows can help save money on energy bills while increasing the value of your house. Aluminium is a highly-durable material impervious to weather damage and rust, so there’s no need to worry about it fading over time. All that is required is regular wiping down with water to keep it looking as good as new. Aluminium windows London

Strong enough to withstand burglar attacks

You don’t have to worry about your aluminium windows being broken into, as they are extremely strong and secure. Many are equipped with an Espag locking system and internal beading, making them faster than uPVC or timber windows.

Extremely Versatile

Aluminium windows can be customized to fit into brickwork or existing frames if your home already has wooden or hardwood windows installed. Furthermore, they come in an array of colours so that you can match them to the decor of your house.


Aluminium is one of the most durable materials you can purchase for your London property. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t warp or rot as quickly as wood, making it perfect for areas prone to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, aluminium recycling at its end of life uses less than 5% of the energy required in producing new aluminium window frames – making it an environmentally friendly option that saves you money in the long run.

Coloured aluminium is an excellent way to give your home’s interior a personal touch, and you can access an expansive colour range – including RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey). While these cost more than standard white windows, the added style and personality they add will be well worth the additional investment once installed in your home.

Slim Sightlines

Aluminium window innovation has recently introduced slim sightlines that provide unobstructed views out of your windows. These are becoming a more popular choice among homeowners as an excellent way to update the aesthetic of their home while still enjoying uninterrupted views of the outside world.

Polyamide thermal breaks have enabled aluminium frames to achieve high levels of thermal performance, making them now competitive with PVC and timber alternatives for heat retention.

Enhancing Security

If your home is frequently targeted for burglaries, installing as secure windows as possible is a wise idea. This is especially true if you have young children or elderly relatives living with you. Aluminium windows boast outstanding strength and durability, which make them the ideal solution for homeowners living in London’s most secure zones.

Low Maintenance

If the primary goal of your aluminium window installation is to enhance the aesthetic appeal and increase property value, make sure they’re easy to maintain. A quick wipe down of glass and frame every 2-4 months can help remove dirt, keeping your windows as pristine as when they were first installed.