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Buying a new house is a significant investment, which entails considerable expenses. A large part of it is the complex furnishing of the house so that it is ready to welcome homeowners. To minimise the costs connected with the last stage of construction, it is worthwhile to entrust this task to professionals. Both construction companies and developers are willing to carry out such orders.

Turnkey construction of a house – a noteworthy alternative

When deciding to buy a new house, there are many factors to consider:

  • location;
  • infrastructure – schools, access, shops;
  • developer – it is evident that we want to choose the best one;
  • price conditions – one of the essential elements when deciding to buy.

It is also essential to decide in what condition the developer will provide the house. Most buyers choose the so-called developer state and then finish their dream house on their own. However, it is worth remembering that the best developers are also construction companies, which can boast extensive finishing works. If we use the option of turnkey house construction offered by our contractor – we will save a lot of time and money.

Construction companies – convenience and savings

Almost the next day, after the developer finishes the works, we can move in. High-End builders companies specialising in comprehensive house finishing deal with

  • installation of doors and windows,
  • white assembly,
  • laying floors,
  • finishing of rooms – painting, plastering,
  • and even furnishing in some cases.

All work is documented, guaranteed and carried out by professionals. We do not have to deal with looking for a team, purchasing materials and keeping track of deadlines. All this is the responsibility of the developer.

Theoretically, the cost of such a house is higher by about 20%, but remember that a large developer has the opportunity to negotiate prices in wholesalers and suppliers of construction materials, so the final cost may be lower.

One of the developers that have prepared the possibility of turnkey construction for its clients is Stalovers, a company located in London. It offers a high level of service, and it is worth checking out how this company can help on our construction site.

Deciding on this kind of cooperation with a developer, we can count that construction companies employed by him will use high-quality materials, work conscientiously and guarantee services on a high level.

Construction companies will create a unique house for us.

Another option, apart from building a turnkey house, is to hire a construction company on our own. This solution allows us to plan every detail, choose materials and precisely control what is happening on the construction site. Thanks to this, the house will one hundred % reflect our plans. Although the construction will take longer, we will have complete control over the budget and materials used. The final decision about the appearance and technical details of the house will be up to us.

Construction companies are willing to undertake such orders; many even specialise in finishing works. The mentioned Stalovers company also undertakes this kind of work for clients who, for example, started building their own house and now have decided to find a proper contractor. This solution is a choice for people who value individual approach and look for unusual solutions.

After careful calculations, it may turn out that building a turnkey house by a developer and hiring a construction company create costs at a similar level. Therefore, before making the final decision, it is worth analysing the charges, our financial possibilities and expectations.