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 Building Materials that can be Recycled





Preferred Procedures for Recycling

Cut down costs on Building Budget

Reducing the growth of landfills


Building site cleaning London

Sometimes, construction companies cannot provide an essential service, which is cleaning after construction, and the owner is left alone with a massive amount of rubble, sand and other waste. Therefore, it is best to use the services of a qualified and experienced company that offers post-construction cleaning in such a situation. As specialists in this field, who have been providing services to clients for many years, we can help you and bring the areas around your house or other building up to order. We will remove all rubbish, wash the floors and windows and carry out all other necessary works so that you can enjoy tidiness again – XMX Construction Company Ltd

Customers from all London regions are welcome to contact us – we operate nationwide and are leaders in the demanding field of post-construction cleaning. We always perform our tasks in a thoroughly professional, fast and comprehensive manner – thanks to this, we have gained many customers’ trust.

Cleaning after renovation

Cleaning after renovation is not an easy task that requires more people and specialised preparations and equipment. That is why, as specialists in this field, we offer you cleaning of your house or flat after renovation – we will remove all waste. Wash every surface, get rid of dust and dirt and tidy up everything so that the post-renovation cleaning will give you satisfactory results. We provide post-renovation cleaning for customers from all over the country – our experience and qualified team of specialists can meet the most demanding customers’ expectations and deal with an enormous mess. We encourage you to contact us and set an appointment for cleaning!

Empowering Sustainability with Construction Waste Managment System

Pouring of foundations – step by step

Pouring of foundations – step by step

Pouring of foundations - step 1 Marking out the building. Before excavation for foundations begins, a surveyor should appear on the building site to mark out axes and other building characteristic points. It is essential to keep both dimensions in the plan and the...

Strategies for Recycling Building Web Page Particles

Strategies for Recycling Building Web Page Particles

Construction website cleanup is definitely an indispensable facet of construction-related operation whenever you believe that enormous amounts of waste substances can be created. When it's new constructions that have been assembled or aged constructions being spilt,...

Why Can You Be Recycled Building Components and Furnishings?

Why Can You Be Recycled Building Components and Furnishings?

Thinking about recycling and reuse construction substances? Can it be tiring performing so time-consuming and more cluttered procedure of gathering, sorting recycling garbage, whereas you're able to merely send this throw away into the landfill and purchase brand-new...